Angel: the Spinoff

"It's about reachin' out to people, showin' 'em that there's
love and hope still left in this world."

- Doyle


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Simply the best new show for a very long time, if not ever!, Angel is one of the few spinoffs to surpass its parent show in terms of quality. I am proud to add my humble adoration to that of the growing throngs in Netland. Long live Doyle's spirit!

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Weekly Thoughts

Hey all!

Wasn't Dear Boy a goodie? As always, though, for whatever reason I liked it much better on the second viewing. Go figure.

The whole episode was very good, and I'm glad that David G still knows how to write! His directing ain't bad either.

Did anyone else love the set where the demon ("fathead") was slain? It was so cool! And speaking of the demon, it was good to see something not anthropoidal. And didn't look near as bad as the Haxor beast in Expecting (which still embarrasses me so much).

I realized while watching this episode that Cordelia never knew Darla. Oh, she might have seen her about in Welcome to the Hellmouth (and certainly saw her in vamp mode in The Harvest) but she wouldn't know who Darla was. It's easy to forget that Cor wasn't in the Scooby Circle until Season Two of Buffy (or the end of Prophecy Girl anyway).

Oh, even though Untouched struck a blow to Cordy/Angel shippers such as myself ("I like my men a little less broody and a little more spendy"), this one reignited the flame. Angel touching and smelling Cordy's hair! (Though she was not amused...)

I wouldn't be a Cordeliac if I didn't note how awesome her waitress uniform at the Franklin Hotel was! I know she hated, but by gosh I loved it! She should keep it.

Some interesting issues dredged up by this episode. Angel has gone off track a bit, and it seems David G is at least aware of it. Remember that "it's about reachin' out to people, showin' 'em that there's love and hope still left in this world" (thanks Doyle). But in Season One, Angel became a mighty warrior for the PTBs and forgot all about those "lost in the night".

Well now we're being reminded of that. Kate admonishes the Angel Investigations team for losing sight of the innocent in their struggle. Personally, I think Cordelia's new slogan for the office ("Angel Investigations! We solve big problems for small prices") was included to hammer home this loss of focus. (The old slogan was, "Angel Investigations! We help the hopeless.")

Well, this Weekly Thought will be up for two weeks: next week we get a very old Buffy rerun. Joy.

Catch ya later!

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