It's Alive!

At last! Here's where you create your Cainite character. You must supply your e-mail address (otherwise how can you play?) although this will not be given to anyone else. Please fill out the form as completely as possible, to make your character as real as possible. This makes the story much more fun!

Your name:

Character's name:

E-Mail address:

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Born (place and year):

Class (ie age):

Give a physical description of your character:

What is your character's background? This will include their history, personality, and present status.

Below should be listed the three disciplines available for your clan.
(If not, go back and check what they should be)

Please tell us about your character's powers. Check the three disciplines (powers) of your clan and choose which of these your character has strongest, medium, and weakest. Indicate what her specialties may be as regards the powers.

Anything else I may have forgotten that you want to add:

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