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Angel Games


Hello, and welcome to my fun section!

Here you will find any interesting little bits I make up for your interactive enjoyment. "Games" may be the wrong word for some of the stuff, but hopefully it will be fun nonetheless.

Right now there are two - I hope more will come!


    Select from a pull-down menu clothes to dress your favorite Angel characters. Invent brand new color schemes that not even Doyle would wear! This will be updated occasionally to add more to the (fairly empty right now) wardrobes of the characters.
    [Note: Netscape 4.0 or above, or MSIE 4.0 or above, required (if you don't have it, there's no excuse! Go to the Netscape download page and grab one for free!). Just click on the appropriate links below and apologies for the clumsiness of this system.]

    Dress up:

    Netscape users:AngelCordy Doyle
    Explorer users:AngelCordy Doyle



    Pairs, Patience, Memory, call it what you will. It's a card game where you turn up two cards and hope they're a pair. Simple as that.

    In this version, there are twenty cards with Angel pictures on the faces. You have 15 turns (a turn is only used up when you get a pair wrong) to find all the pairs. It's easy! Have a go.

    [Note: Netscape or MSIE version 4.0 or above only. Click on the link up there to download Netscape!]

    Netscape users:Play it!
    Explorer users:Play it!


And hopefully I'll have more games at a future date!